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TSC has trained over 2,500 classroom traffic safety instructors, and we present annual continuing professional education programs across the United States. We design and deliver cutting-edge safe-driving curricula to motorists throughout the country, and we offer fleet training programs to corporate clients nationwide.

TSC is synonymous with quality and integrity. Our company has an exemplary record of performance excellence with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and all government and regulatory agencies nationally. In short, we are a corporate family that is dedicated to helping you to succeed!


6-Hour Traffic Violator Instructor Continuing Education Seminar

This DMV-licensed program, when completed annually, is designed to fulfill the option for applicants for a renewal Traffic Violator Instructor (TVI) license to participate in at least 18 hours' worth of traffic safety seminars or classes, in lieu of passing a Department of Motor Vehicles-administered exam.

A great side benefit of this helpful course is that it can serve as a handy reference resource after you complete the program. In addition to its easy-to-read curriculum material, the course contains numerous links to external sources of useful information and pertinent online forms. Great extras like our downloadable Supplemental Materials (link to these from the "Student Center" (table of contents) page) and our interactive "Ask Jerry!" feature (get your Vehicle Code questions answered by a retired LAPD motor officer!) complete the package.

The course itself is divided into easy-to-read sections and the computer tracks your progress through the program, so you can proceed at your own pace. At the end of the course, you'll have 30 minutes to complete a 25-question, open-book exam. (Don't worry: You're allowed three attempts, but we're sure you'll pass it on your first try!) Upon the successful completion of the program, we'll mail a completion certificate for you to include in your renewal application package.